Meet Angie

Angie Juarez Barill is the Judge of the 346th State Judicial District Court. 


She enjoys public service and the responsibilities and challenges that come with public office. 


Judge Barill is not afraid of challenges and always promotes transparency. She has served as a Judge for 25 years and has presided over thousands of both criminal and civil cases: the quality experience that counts.


In 2007, Judge Barill served as the presiding officer for the El Paso County Bail Bond Board. She worked to streamline the bail bond forms and also spearheaded the E-bond project. Today, it is the only fully integrated E-bond filing system in the State of Texas. 

The changes that she has made have impacted the criminal justice system in El Paso — now leading in these areas — and in the State of Texas. 


In 2011, Judge Barill created the El Paso Veterans Treatment Court, formally opening its doors in 2012. It is her deep desire and belief that the Veterans Treatment Court not only restores our men and women to whom they were before they went to war but also their families. She started the Veterans Treatment Court to bring change, to restore our men and women who have served and protected our country and our freedom each and every day. 


The race for Chief Justice is an important one and Judge Barill is the right choice!


During her four terms as a District Judge, her guiding principle was treating everyone with dignity and respect. She works hard to make sure that everyone gets their day in court and to make sure that justice is done!


A vote for Judge Barill is a vote for real change in the

Eighth Court of Appeals! 

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